This is the newest addition to our Superior Quality Saddles collection! The perfect choice for long rides as it is designed for the rider and horse to enjoy together a comfortable ride.

Its higher cantle is going to give you a deeper, more secure seat and offer a little more support for your lower back.

The result is a lighter and stable saddle that holds in position better. Most importantly, this flexible saddle tree allows your horse to remain healthier, happier, and more comfortable under any riding condition!


SEAT SIZES: from 15” to 17” with your choice of seat style. Larger seat sizes also available, upcharge applies.
TREE: Equi-Fit Flexible bar - Quarter Horse fit (D) or Gaited Horse fit (LT) - see Saddle fitting page for details.

GULLET SIZE: 6.0", 6.5", 7.0" (See other listings for wider gullets).
LENGTH: From 22 inches
WEIGHT: From 12 kgs approx


Comes standard with 2 nylon Latigo's for use with a Western Cinch. 


Custom Items: Jeremiah Watt Hardware, Roughout Seat Jockey and Fenders, matching removable Buck Rolls, matching rear Cinch and Hobble, no horn, custom tooling or a padded inset seat.


Please note: whilst the horn on this saddle is very sturdy and more than just decorative, it is not recommended that this saddle be used for roping due to the flexibilty of the tree.


Rigging: Flat plate, dropped in-skirt rigging. Comes standard with 2 Nylon Latigos

Fenders and stirrups: Included

Optional Bucking rolls: Yes upcharge applies. See Saddle options page


Custom orders are always welcome! 

Kuda Pro Trail Flex Saddle 6.0" - 7.0" Gullet

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