This listing is for a 30 inch Natural coloured Mohair cinch. There are 2 in stock.


The World's Finest 100% mohair cinches, handmade in the USA! All-natural, therapeutic, 100% mohair cinchas (cinches) fit our philosophical position of what is right for horses and mules. Cincha cord is an 8-ply, 100% mohair cord. The cord is hand laced onto stainless steel or brass flat buckles and rings. Mohair has been known for years to have the same therapeutic and comfort values as 100% wool felt.

Product Specificaitons: 31 Strand 100% Mohair Woven Cutter - Natural Honey Laced onto Stainless D Buckles with Tied Center D-rings 

How to Measure: Measurement should be taken from the inside tip to inside tip of the buckles. (See diagram.)

This is for a 5 3/4" wide Natural Mohair 31 strand cinch WC31NS-100SSD

Naturally The Best  -  All Natural Cinchas and Breast Collars are all hand-made in the U.S.A.

5 Star 30" Mohair Straight Cutter Cinch