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50% deposit is required to place an order for a new Kuda Flex Saddle. Rather than part with this as a lump sum, you can make regular payments to get to this point if you wish. You can set up a weekly or fortnightly payment, (direct credit via their internet backing) that you are comfortable with. 

Once you have reached the half way mark (50% deposit), the order is placed for your saddle. Most of the time, your saddle will have to be made to order, so whilst it is being made for you, you can continue to make the payment amount that you are comfortable with until it is paid in full, or the saddle is ready to be shipped (which ever comes first). Kuda Flex Saddles can take between 10 and 16 weeks to be delivered, depending on the saddle makers schedule.

You can nominate weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments, or just make payments when you can. Just let us know via email when you do this.  Saddles will not be delivered until they are paid for in full. 

This is an extra service that we offer to Australian customers only. There is no 3rd party finance company involved which means this service is free as there is NO INTEREST and absolutely NO FEES!