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Holistic Equine Saddlery & Tack (HEST) was originally established in 2004 as Holistic Equine Sport Therapy, by me: Dianne Pascoe. I qualified in 2004 as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist from the Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy (Acatt).


After a few years of treating sore backed horses, I concluded that 99% of the horses I was treating had saddle fit problems and were being made sore by their saddles. I decided to find a solution to this problem rather than constantly treating the symptoms caused by ill-fitting saddles.

The Solution - offer saddles that are either adjustable or flexible or both, and educate riders on how to fit these saddles to their horses themselves!

In early 2013, I discovered Kuda Flex Saddles and after many hours of testing, I concluded that these saddles would make an excellent alternative to traditional treed Western saddles. All horses deserve maximum freedom to move under a saddle. Kuda Saddles are 100% made in the USA out of the finest leather available. They are made whoa-to-go by one highly skilled saddle maker. 



Kuda Saddles Australia has been proudly supplying Australia since 2013. We’ve gradually expanded our reach and services, offering unique products at competitive prices. Our customers know they can depend on our friendly and knowledgeable team, always eager and available to help. Visit our store and shop with us today!

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